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Linkage saves customers $100-150k on next-up M-Class aircraft

Piper Aircraft has a rich history of providing a stepping-stone path for owner-pilots, to graduate from one product up into the next. From initial flight training and adventures in a PA-28 (today, the Archer LX), up into a cabin-class Matrix, into a pressurized M350, and then up into turbine power with an Meridian M500.

Now, for a limited time, Piper is offering a program that centers around that concept, providing considerable financial incentives to customers who purchase select M350s / M500s now, earning them a sizable credit certificate towards the next aircraft "up," if purchased within 18 months.

Read the program details, and see which of our inventory M-Class aircraft are eligible for the linkage program, here.

If you'd like to talk about the program / the eligible aircraft, please give us a call at 765.289.7141, or email us at

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