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The TBM 960

Power, efficiency, and superior design.

              Six Seat, Cabin-Class               

              Pratt & Whitney PT6E-66XT turboprop

              330 ktas, maximum cruise speed

              1,730 nm, maximum range

              1,446 lbs, max payload

M600 max range
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Taking maximum advantage of today’s turboprop technology, the TBM 960 provides high efficiency for more sustainability. Its digitally-controlled turboprop engine enables the pilot to use precise settings in flying with maximum efficiency. Daher’s recommended cruise setting for the TBM 960 lowers fuel consumption to 57 U.S. gallons per hour at a fast cruise speed of 308 kts. -TBM

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2023 TBM 960 Quick Facts


Garmin G3000 / GFC 710 Suite



Leather, limitless color options



Pratt & Whitney PT6E-66XT turboprop


Maximum Cruise Speed

330 ktas


Range with 45 Min. Reserve

1,730 nm


Maximum Approved Altitude

31,000 ft


Takeoff Distance

2,535 ft


Landing Distance, Ground Roll

2,430 ft (Without Thrust Reversers)



7,615 lbs


Basic Empty Weight

4,806 lbs


Maximum Payload

1,446 lbs


Usable Fuel Capacity

292 US gal



Wing Span 42 ft 1 in

Length 35 ft 22 in

Height 14 ft 29 in

It's time to exceed your expectations.

TBM 930 Video
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