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New! Piper Linkage Program

One thing about Piper products that many owners and prospects find appealing is the ability to "step-up" from one product into the next, higher-performance aircraft in line. For a limited time, we are offering a program that centers around that concept, providing considerable financial incentives to customers who purchase select M350s / M500s now, earning them a sizeable credit certificate towards the next aircraft "up," if purchased within 18 months.


We've sold out of eligible 2015 M-Class models - contact us today to discuss ordering a 2016, customized to your specifications. 




Buy an eligible M350, and earn a $100,000 credit towards a new M500 or M600.

The only six-place pressurized piston aircraft on the market today. Travel in style with an all-leather interior, and travel with peace-of-mind, knowing that the new built-in safety features up front in the cockpit are unparalleled.


Whether you decide the next step for you is a new M500, or a new M600, you'll receive $100,000 off the purchase price if you purchase that aircraft within 18 months of the delivery of your new M350.

Buy an eligible M500, and earn a

$150,000 credit towards a new M600.

Sleek and sexy without sacrificing safety, the M500 is the profile of perfection. Featuring the latest in Garmin technology, including Electronic Stability Protection and Enhanced AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System). Cruise at 260 ktas on only 37 gph - the most economical of all six-place turboprops on the market today.


With the purchase of your new M500, you'll receive a $150,000 credit towards the purchase of an M600. The M600 must be purchased within 18 months of delivery of your new M500. 

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