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Muncie Aviation has been servicing aircraft since 1936.  We have eleven full-time Factory Trained Technicians who bring over 200 years of combined service and expertise to your needs.  We offer our customers the best airframe and engine support for Piper and Kodiak aircrafts.


Besides annual inspections, Muncie Aviation can also perform borescope inspections, compressor washes, and prop balances using the latest equipment.


We are also authorized to perform the airframe limitation upgrades on TBM700 aircraft.


In addition to having the confidence that your airplane will be serviced correctly the first time, you'll enjoy our extra touches like repainting wheels and repacking bearings when we change your tires or ending an annual by washing your plane.  After all, we think "customer service" means more than simply doing a job.



Experience where it matters.

Factory-Authorized Service Center

Don Burris

Director of Maintenance | (800) 289-7141 Ext. 121


Don is our Director of Maintenance and oversees the service department here at Muncie Aviation. He has been working here for over 25 years and his background is in Aircraft Maintenance. Don’s favorite things about his job are working with customers and giving them the best service possible.




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