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The Piper Matrix

With a standard useful load of 1,355 pounds and seating for six, the Matrix lets you take what you want, while traveling with those you want.  

              Six Seat, Cabin-Class               

              Lycoming TIO-540, 350hp

              213 ktas, maximum cruise speed

              1,343 nm, maximum range

              1,355 lbs, standard useful load

M600 max range

The Piper Matrix presents the perfect step up from any four-place aircraft. With an attractive airstair door entrance and the largest cabin volume in its class, the Matrix projects sophistication. Once in the air, the 350 HP dual turbocharged engine continues to step up the game by producing high performance numbers sure to satisfy any pilot’s mission.

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About the Piper M600

Piper Matrix Quick Facts




Garmin G1000 / GFC 700 Suite w/ Synthetic Vision



Leather, four color options



Lycoming TIO-540, 350hp


Maximum Cruise Speed

213 ktas


Range with 45 Min. Reserve

1,343 nm


Maximum Approved Altitude

25,000 ft


Takeoff Distance  Ovr 50’ Obstacle

2,090 ft


Landing Distance Ovr 50’ Obstacle

1,968 ft



4,340 lbs


Standard Equipped Weight

3,003 lbs


Standard Useful Load

1,355 lbs


Usable Fuel Capacity

120 US gal



Wing Span 43.0 ft

Length 28.9 ft

Height 11.3 ft

Convenience comes standard in the Matrix. 

Matrix Video
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