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There are hundreds of companies that sell airplanes, but there's a reason people make long trips to Muncie Aviation when it's time to buy: we offer you more for the money. Sure, you can count on a good price, but that’s just the beginning. We have a long-standing reputation for knowing our products from tip to tail, and helping to land our customers in the left seat of the best aircraft suited for their needs. 


We are authorized dealers for Piper Aircraft, and Daher (TBM). We also maintain an impressive inventory of top-quality pre-owned piston and turbine aircraft from personal to corporate. 


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Martin Ingram, CEO & Sales Manager

martin@muncieaviation.com | (765) 289-7141 Ext. 127 | (765) 749-2735


As President, CEO, and Sales Manager, Martin manages the daily operations and sales at Muncie Aviation Company. Martin started working at Muncie Aviation almost 30 years ago, shortly after he finished college. He has been selling airplanes since 1982. One of Martin’s favorite things about his job is selling airplanes, and he says there is nothing quite like it. Martin is proud to work with employee-owners who really care about the customer and make sure you have a great experience when working us. Martin has two sons and is crazy about his grandson. Outside of Muncie Aviation, Martin enjoys hunting and fishing.





Steve Thompson, Sales Representative

stevet@muncieaviation.com | (765) 289-7141 Ext. 128 | (765) 717-9976


Steve is one of our professional salesmen and is happy to answer any questions you may have about the airplanes we have for sale. Steve has worked for Muncie Aviation for over ten years has over 6,000 flight hours logged from his experience as a flight instructor, charter pilot, and ATP. Steve’s favorite things about his job are the high quality products we represent and the unique experience of working for one of the oldest aviation companies in the world. When Steve is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, racing motorcycles, and investing in real estate.






Kris Layson, Sales Representative, Michigan Regional Office

kris@muncieaviation.com | (616) 446-5991


Kris has been in aircraft sales since 1988 and has worked for Muncie Aviation since 2006. He previously served four years active duty in the Marine Corps. He grew up around aviation with his dad and brothers. Kris has over 8,000 total flight hours logged and considers himself extremely fortunate to make his “avocation his vocation”. One of Kris’s favorite things about working at Muncie Aviation is helping customers realize their dreams. Kris has three boys, all of whom share their dad’s passion for aviation. His other “children” are a 1948 Cessna 195 and a 1948 Cessna 170.





Brittainy Raef - Sales Assistant

braef@muncieaviation.com | (765) 289-7141

An Indiana native, Brittany graduated from Ball State University with a general studies degree specializing in Spanish, financial planning, and design. She spent 10 years in the financial and lending industry before joining Muncie Aviation. She enjoys spending time with her husband, 4-year-old son Walker, and 8-month-old daughter Magnolia. She also runs a her own small business as a seamstress in her free time

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