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Pre-Owned Aircraft Inventory




2020TBM 940


The incredible TBM 940 will take you to new heights with a 31,000 ft maximum approved altitude. The 940 comes standard with Garmin’s G3000 touchscreen controlled digital avionics suite — a truly integrated flight deck. N940MA includes amazing new features such as auto throttle and auto de-Icing capability, RVSM Approved. Call us today! 800-289-7141 or visit 


2021 HondaJet Elite S


 This HondaJet Elite S features a beautiful exterior paint job and a luxurious interior complete with a lavatory. The Garmin G3000 avionics suite creates a seamless flight experience for any pilot. With a max cruise speed of 422 ktas, the Elite S will get you to your next destination even faster than before.  Call us today! 800-289-7141 or visit 


2023 Piper M350


Soar above traffic and weather at FL250 in pressurized comfort with a twin-turbocharged piston engine in your luxurious

M350. Serious performance. Serious capability. Serious operational efficiency. Serious value. Serious freedom.

Call us today! 800-289-7141 or visit 


2016 TBM 930


This outstanding aircraft comes with the fully integrated Garmin G3000 digital avionics suite – the first-ever touchscreen-controlled, all-glass flight deck designed for light turbine aircraft. The sky is calling!Call us today! 800-289-7141 or visit 


2019 Piper M600



The M600 is an incredibly powerful G3000-equipped turbine aircraft with 600 shaft horsepower, uncompromised performance and several advanced safety systems. With a maximum range of 1,484 nm, it’s not hard to make your mission possible with the M600.  Call us today! 800-289-7141 or visit 


We may want your aircraft!

If you are interested or have any questions call a member of our Sales team today! - 800.289.7141 /

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