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2021 TBM 940
Serial #1366/ N41MA
(SALE PENDING) $4,567,104.00


One lower storage cabinet (right side only)
Pilot and Copilot Airbags seats and belts
Genuine leather upper and lower side panels
Deluxe wood or carbon trim interior package



Top Base: Milouga Silver
Trim: Monescur Black | Estagnous Silver
Bottom Base: Blue


HOME SAFE Autoland System
GDL 69 A SXM datalink weather information and
XM audio infotainment with remote control tablet/
smartphone capability (US Coverage Only)
Chart view option for GDUs
Synthetic Vision Technology to be displayed on both of
PFD GDU1250s
GSR56 datalink with satphone through headsets
and WX weather information (worldwide coverage -
subscription required)
Transponder #2: GTX 335 Extended Squitter Mode S
ADS-B OUT compliant (not receiving ADS-B IN)
RVSM data package
GRA 55 Radar Altimeter GARMIN displayed on PFDs
TAWS-B, class B TAWS worldwide database
GTS 820 Traffic Advisory System (TAS) displayed on
MFD and PFD inset map
KN 63 DME displayed on GDU 1250Ws
Electric pitch and rudder trims on co-pilot control wheel
WX 500 Stormscope displayed on G3000 displays
GWX75 digital sixteen color color weather radar 10’’
antenna with turbulence detection and ground clutter


Call 1.800.289.7141 or fill out the below form to inquire about this aircraft. We look forward to hearing from you!

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