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Aviation is an ever changing industry, especially in regards to technology. The newest tech that will soon sweep the industry is the ADS-B, Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast. The ADS-B is automatic, which means that it does not require any input to become active. One of the biggest advantages of the ADS-B is that the broadcast is continuous to all aircraft and ground stations with the corresponding equipment. This technology is an improvement from classic radar as it provides air traffic controllers and pilots a clearer picture of their airspace. 




What is an ADS-B?

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast.


Who needs to be equipped with an ADS-B?

* Only applicable in the United States


Pilots flying

-In airspace requiring a Mode C transponder
-In class A, B or C airspace or class E airspace above 10,000'

-In class E airspace above 3,000' over the Gulf of Mexico extending 12 NM from the coastline


When will I need to be ADS-B equipped?




Why is the ADS-B being implemented in the U.S.?

The ADS-B is replacing older technology worldwide as it offers increased safety and efficiency which will reduce noise, emissions and congested airspace.  


If you have more questions of just want to learn more about ADS-B click here.

Want to learn more about ADS-B?




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