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Muncie Aviation Company Awarded Governor’s Half Century Business Award

Muncie Aviation accepts Governor's Half-Century Award

Muncie Aviation has been honored by Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb with the Governor’s Half Century Business Award. Governor Holcomb honored 44 Indiana companies Wednesday with Century or Half Century Business Awards, recognizing each company for its longevity and service to its employees, community and the state. “Today we honor Hoosier business leaders who have been creating jobs and running their businesses in Indiana for more than 50 or 100 years,” said Gov. Holcomb. “I’m excited to celebrate this year’s award recipients and extend a sincere thanks for the role they play in making Indiana one of the nation’s top destinations for business.” The Governor’s Century and Half Century Business Awards honor Hoosier businesses that have remained in operation for a minimum of 100 or 50 consecutive years and have also demonstrated a commitment to community service. Muncie Aviation Company was founded in March of 1932, making the aviation sales and service company 86 years old, an uncommon feat in the business and general aviation industry. Today Muncie Aviation Company employs a staff of over 50, all of whom are stake-holders in the 100% employee-owned company.

“We are grateful to be recognized by the governor as an exceptional Hoosier business. We aim to be the best at what we do, and not just for our customers - that includes practices that empower our employees and being heavily involved in our local Muncie community,” said Martin Ingram, President and CEO of Muncie Aviation.

In 2017 Muncie Aviation Company grossed $xx million, primarily from aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance, fuel services, avionics, and spare parts sales. Muncie Aviation facilities were recently renovated (cost), and expanded with the addition of a new $1 million hangar.

About Muncie Aviation

Found in 1932 by the Ball Brothers, Muncie Aviation has earned an industry-wide reputation as a leader in aircraft sales, service and avionics maintenance and upgrades. After 73 years of ownership, the Ball family sold the company to the employees in 2004, and the company became, and remains today, an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

Muncie Aviation is currently an authorized aircraft sales dealer for three aircraft manufacturers: Daher (TBM), Piper Aircraft, and most recently the Quest Kodiak.

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