2007 Malibu Mirage 
N#: N900MA   S/N: 4636406
$ 825,000.00


 Leather Seats | Dark Khaki 

Satin Brass Metal Trim 


Top Color: Snow White 

Bottom Base: Silver Blue Metallic 

Trim: Ocean Blue Metallic


Avidyne FlightMax Entegra Flat Panel Display System 

Pilot and co-Pilot Electronic 10.4” Primary Flight Displays 

Portraying Operational and Navigation Flight Parameters 

Multi-Function Display 


Dual Avidyne Air Data And Attitude Heading Reference System Integrated in PFD’s 

Pilot Selectable for Reversionary Modes 

UPGRADED AVIDYNE DFC 90 Autopilot “Pilot Priority” Feature 


Avidyne IFD 440 w/Broad Band Antenna 


Avidyne IFD 440 w/Broad Band Antenna 

Audio Selector Panel 

GMA-340 with Marker Beacon and Stereo Output for Aft Four Positions 

Digital Transponder 

GTX-330 w/Traffic Information System and Pilot Control 

Wheel Indent Button 

UPGRADED AVIDYNE DFC 90 Autopilot w/ Automatic Electric Trim S-TEC System 55X 

Flight Director Bars 

Integrated Altitude Pre-Selector (on PFD) 

Weather Radar 

Allied Signal RDR-2000 Vertical Profile 

Ground Clearance System 

Pilot/Co-Pilot Control Wheel Mic Button 

Pilot’s Transponder Ident Button 

Standard Avionics System: (Cont) 

Mic/Phone Jacks and Overhead Speaker 

Pilot’s Microphone 

Automatic Emergency Locator Beacon 

Loose Equipment Includes- Fire Extinguisher, 

Fuel Checker Bottle 


March 2022 Annual Inspection by Sun Aviation Vero Beach, FL 

1220 Hours Total Time Since New 

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